Have a heart, be wise


All this while, I’m trying to be the best for each and everything I do. I don’t really care about the end result but most of the time Allah never fail to give me things that for some of us, is totally so hard to get.  I have a good job and paid for what I am (a vet that is).. Although now my job is totally out of what I thought last year, but I am enjoying every minute of being here.. Great boss and friendly office mate. Atleast there are still people who appreciate you.. (hergh reminds me of my first disastrous job.. it aint happen again!)

Then come a handsome prince (well he’s handsome than my last boyfriend- hahah atleast)… and swept me over my feet and bring me to his kingdom- ok its in Ukay perdana.. Being the totally bad girl all this while, I’m a bit shock to be with this nice guy.. too nice that marrying him makes me feel comfortable, lovable and actually I am turning to be a modest type of personality.. Wearing the wedding ring reminds me of who I am… and I will always wear it… You are what I have now.. I am what what you have now.  Come home today and say that you love me too ok!

Thanks to Allah, up until today, nothing come between us.. we are trying to understand our different views, different way of being brought up and his mother!!! Yap, difficuilt to manage but she’s an excellent cooker, it makes sure everyone come home to eat.

Sometimes, our history keep coming back and it makes you wonder.. Is it you who make the wrong decision? Well to tell you the truth, I am absolutely no fan of digging up my past history of who I am, what I did wrong and what ever ugly stories people have, but I do remind myself, being what I am today is from by doing wrong last time.. Theres hard times, lonely moment and sickening weeks… Theres hearts broken, people crying and you are terribly in no confidence to move on. But when there’s a will, there’s a way. And I am happy to be me now even sometimes I missed being away… walking alone and enjoying my life in my way.

For people who hated me before, sorry for being rude last time.. For my friend, thanks for supporting me all this while.

For myself now… I am enjoying every minute of it.

Chaiyok.. Yani


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