Behind the energy crisis – The Silver lining

Can anything be more exciting, or more challenging, in the livestock industry today than the competition for grains?  Should food, feed, or fuel get first priority? The world of production is facing a dilemma.  That dilemma has been created by fuel ethanol production, which is consuming substantial amounts of feed grains.  It is the major driving force towards alternative raw materials use and rising cost.

About grain; they say we should be using corn, maize, wheat, and barley to create fuel, but the truth is that grain demand is high, prices are higher, and stocks are at their lowest.  In 1980, corn in the US was $2/bushel.  At the beginning of 2006, corn was still $2/bushel and yet by the end of 2006 it had rocketed to $4/bushel.

About energy needs; we are concerned about rising oil and gasoline prices and escalating demand.  They say that “green is the new black”, but the truth is the answers are not all worked out.  In fact of the world’s 6 billion people, 1.2 billion still have no electricity.  Imagine in the next 20 years when the global population is expected to exceed 12 billion people!

About consumer demands; they say that we had a major scare with the contamination of pet food with melamine, but the truth is that 2 billion people live on just one dollar a day.  Those 2 billion are most likely not concerned about melamine in their dog food.

Max Purser, GM Alltech Malaysia for 56th IVSA Symposium.

56th IVSA symposium is now held at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia from 19th-26th NOVEMBER, 2007.   IVSA students are from Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Japan, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, USA and Grenada.


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