Feeling bad? Or should I say nervous….

Deciding to go abroad and taking all the challenges.  Looks like a delicious offer I cannot resist.  But am I capable enough to do it or is it going to be a part of my journey to nowhere (why should I say it now?).  I am suddenly aware of the years will be taken up plus the years of wander and wonder… If I am successful then it shall be 4 years only but if I am not compatible enough (let me be on a one reasonable platform though), it shall be 2 years master and another 4 years of Phd. I am reminding myself years I need to count, as the matter in fact I do need to count and made a promise to myself that I will try, no matter how hard it will be.  Uhhh… Allah, let this journey be as safe as it sound.  I am praying so hard for this to happen, my life is now in your hand!

Hambamu berserah KINI…


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