A letter from Father to his son

‘Aku terbaca warkah di dalam blog Rahmat (dari Indonesia) dan buat aku tersedar, biar apapun yang berlaku, janji Allah untuk menolong hambaNya selalu ada.  Ada jatuh dan bangun dalam hidup ini, selagi teguh berpegang pada tali Allah, janji Allah, Insyaallah kita akan harunginya dengan tabah, cekal dan bersemangat.

Ke mana hilangnya hati ini yang rindu pada Mu… Aku terlupa cinta ini juga harus ada untuk Mu ya Allah, baru diri selalu menjadi lebih baik. Tiada siapa dapat menolongku, hanya diri dengan diizini oleh Allah jua..”

A letter from Father to his son (make me rethinking again)

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb,

Pursuing knowledge is not a trivial matter but a big thing to deal with. That’s why Allah appreciates those mukminin having knowledge by placing their status in a very high dignity. If it is easy, all people will be scientists. Again, as a muslim, you have to set what is actually the objectives of pursuing knowledge. I think I have ever told you about this point. OK, just to remind you, I will restate it. At least we have to have 4 objectives of pursuing knowledge.

Firstly, to know more about Allah, how great He is, His supreme power, knowledge, mercy, and so on, as we find in the “asma-ul-husna”. Secondly, to deepen the understanding of the Islamic teaching, Al Quran and Hadist, so that we can differentiate the halal and haram, the haq and bathil, the good and the bad, and we will be able to understand the messages (verses) given by Allah and Rasulullah. Thirdly, to apply the Islamic teaching in our life as the vicegerence of Allah (khalifatullah) realizing the rahmatullil ‘alamin. Lastly, to preach the Islamic teaching and spread it out to all mankind.

Of course, all these need to elaborate more detail, need a long explanation. I have no space to make it here. I believe you can get my points.

Now, if your objectives are not in line with the aforementioned objectives, you have to reset it accordingly. Make up your mind and stick yourself to these objectives firmly. What is the consequence of you are here? You have to deal with a lot of problems and you have to solve them. The study problems are not only the things related to your subjects but coming from all factors that influence your study and life. The atmosphere of environment, the external situation and condition, as well as the internal problems coming from yourself, all these things have to be realized and to be overcome and solved.

Do not expect that you will encounter the trivial problems here. If you understand what I mean, you will have a great spirit to pursue knowledge here and to face all problems fully confidence. Furthermore, you will find how weak you are, and you will be much closer to Allah than before. None can help you but Allah The Most Merciful and The Most Gracious.

OK, my dear son. I just pray for your success in overcoming all problems you encounter, and back to Indonesia bringing along with Master and PhD certificates. That’s my dream to see your big and valuable contribution to this nation and ummah, not to see you living in prosperous with a small concern with this nation and ummah.


Pak Fuad

P/s: Abang, Allah mahu menguji sayang dan abang. Harap teguhkan iman juga dalam mengharungi dugaan berat ini.  Izinkan sayang berjuang demi agama.  Baru hati rasa tenteram… ini bukan sia-sia.


One thought on “A letter from Father to his son

  1. Abg kan dah suruh syg belajar dan bawa balik PhD. Cuma ubah niat la belajar kerana Allah, baru la ia akan jadi jihad ke jalan agama… Cuma kdg2 tu abg sgt rindukan syg. Teringat laa.. Hehe..

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