10 reasons why The Netherlands (Utrecht) is not a fun place to be

1)No nasi lemak, roti canai, ABC, kedai mamaks, Anjung… It’s either frites or frites and frites.. I miss Malaysian food!

2)Very Ulu place.. (especially if you had experience KL life – even Serdang is more lively and fun!!!)

3)Shops are closed on Sunday (except for 1st Sunday of the month), on weekdays it’s open from 10am till 6pm and even worse, they’ll just tell you to go off from the shop if it’s 6pm. (That’s why it is Ulu)

4)Very arrogant people; basically you’ll be receiving all letters in Dutch (from IND, city council, university; thank god Google translate exist) and people will try not to talk back to you in English. So just talk Malay instead!!!

5)The immigration took 3 months to process visa for staying more than 6 months, and if you are unlucky it can took up to 6 months. They do not care if a family got separated for long (family are not allowed to be in the Netherlands during the application), the best part is they signed for human rights but then, they have been blacklisted for not doing that… I guess IND causes that!!!

6)Very poor customer service (especially in the shops), even at the banks..

7)The internet banking is in Dutch, gosh I hate that so much!

8)Very expensive room/house rent! Believe me… you’ll use more than half of your scholarship just to have a place to sleep (just that activity).

9)You need to take Dutch driving license exam (which you do not know for how many times before you passed) if you want to drive and have a car here.. or else cycle like them!

10)The story books, cooking books, magazines and newspapers are in Dutch. The English ones came from UK (it’s expensive and it’s difficult to find one).


2 thoughts on “10 reasons why The Netherlands (Utrecht) is not a fun place to be

  1. I feel your pain. You forgot to mention the lack of manners, the pushing and shoving, the “sorry” when you try to make a stand when someone pushes in front of you.

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