My 2nd wedding anniversary!

I promise, to love and cherish our love forever.

I promise, that I will try to be a good wife, a good mother to our children and above all your best friend.

I promise, that for everything that you had sacrificed, for me to achieve the important stage in my life, I will always be there by your side; in happiness, in bad days, and in rough times.

I promise, that I will always be the one that you want, for the rest of your life.

Will you promise me, to always love me too?


Muhd Ridzuan bin Muhd Yunus & Norhariani Mohd Nor

~ I love you ~


One thought on “My 2nd wedding anniversary!

  1. Bagus la dah janji kat abg. Boleh la rujuk perjanjian kat blog ni lain kali. Hehe… Insyaallah abg akan selalu cintakan syg. Moga2 kita sama2 dapat tunaikan janji. Amin.

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