Descriptive data associated with calf mortality

As usual, data was not stated as raw as I want.  Studies about calf mortality is not an extensive research as disease description.  US and Sweden did quite a lot of descriptive research of calf mortality and morbidity.  I have to refer to swedish study though.

But they mention the names of diseases differently.  If we look for types of disease well known causing calf mortality/ morbidity, there’s a few of diseases mentioned; septicaemia, pneumonia or respiratory and diarrhoea.  However, when dealing with data about calf mortality, there’s a lot of data which I have to refer as other diseases.  It’s quite tricky to put the diseases in the right folder.  I made 3 folder; septicaemia, digestive and respiratory.  I concluded bloat, ring worm and diarrhoea in digestive.  While septicaemia is really not mentioned as septicaemia at all, but rather arthritis, omphalophleibitis and disease presumed infectious origin. 

I only found few papers.  Catarina Svensson did a good job in her 2006 paper describing the mortality in age category while other papers only mention the mortality in early weeks of life.  There’s a few terms; incidence risk=diseased/no of risks animal * 100, incidence rate=diseased/cumulative person years but I didn’t care about the person years at all.  I translated the risk to the raw data.  Then I calculated it in excel.

There’s probably more than 20 diseases so far.  Each being named differently, but the most popular are digestive and respiratory as the most causal for the death among calves in the studies.


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