Data of heifer fertility

I found out that theres pre and post natal for first service of heifer.  The post natal is also interesting and include the perinatal mortality, which is also an important data to include in the model.  But its getting far more, I guess so I leave it blank.  I just read 1 paper and hope to progress to all papers in 3 days. 

I also have to check for calf disease papers that I just found.  Looks like some of the papers of calf diseases related to heifer fertility, so I am adding few points in the model.

I started my biostatistic study from scratch to enhance my brain about it.  Although I’ve learned it before, it seems that I need to catch up with my work especially since I am dealing with papers of survival analysis and regressions.  I am also trying to write about calf diseases for literature review, as well as for heifer fertility and calf growth.

How about other model methods? Markovian, Monte Carlo or DP anyway??? I need to have a long thought about that too..


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