Learning how to read a paper

Most important thing to remember;

Author’s name and who they work for
Title to get expectation about the paper
abstract, read carefully
Materials and methods, Results for clarification
Introduction, to find if they have done sufficient work and objectives

TIPS for today
Try to find why they do the study
Try to know whats they are not saying
Try to fit what they are doing in other things
Actively read the paper especially if you are expert in it, you’ll know the subject matter better
Only find what you want from the paper and not reading word by word

Title:  Short,
succinct, eye-catching, all-encompassing
Summary of Methods, Results, and Discussion starting off with a
statement of why the research was
done and with emphasis on why the
results are significant.
When was past work done, by whom, why  was their work
important, what  you plan to do in your paper, and why what you did is important.
Materials and Methods:  How you did what you
did and where you did it–nothing
Results:  What the data show you–nothing more.
Discussion:  Why the data show what they show, and how your analysis relates back to your
objectives from the Introduction.


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