Doing it The Dutch way!

I’ve never had a chance to have a new bike when I was small.  I always got the second hand one from my brother.  I learned to bike when I was 5, thanks to my brother.  It was a high hill at Kem Terendak, Malacca.  I fell most of the time, but manage to bike like a pro.

When I was in primary school, I can bike and released my hand from the handle. Thats quite challenging, and I fell, again.  I had a big wound at my knee, hid it from my mom, but it was infected after 3 days.  I was unable to walk, and stand.  Not even going biking for a week.

The furthest I’ve ever bike was until Pulai Chondong, going for excurison with friends.  My mom got to know about it, pretty mad I guess (haven’t got the chance to see her face) because I’m always good at hiding somewhere around the house.  I always bike around my village after swimming (not real swimming) at the river near my granny’s home, just to make sure my hair was dry enough before coming home. Never leave evidence behind, though adults are smarter than kids.  But anyway, I was too smart at that time, got beaten this time, so it’s probably other people gossiping about my behaviour!

Last month, I bought myself a purple fiets (bicycle in dutch) from Kruidvat.  Nice and I feel so proud biking again.  I didn’t want to fall, not in front of the Dutchs.  This time, I bike everyday, everywhere.  It’s like feeling at home again.


Although it’s windy and colder, my daughter sleep anyway!


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