Methods of dividing first 4 month in 1 week steps

Why dividing first 4 months into 1 week steps
1) Each calf week have different probabilities of dying and constantly changing
2) The management is different for the calves before they become first grazing heifer (born–>wean–>heifer)
3) The nutrition is different until they are first grazing heifer (Colostrum –>milk–>water–>concentrate–>grass) in this 4 months
4) The environment for the calves also change (single –> group –> grazing)
4) Immunity starts to build after 4 weeks so the susceptibility of the calves to each type of diseases are different (susceptibility to different diseases differ at each different time)
5) Looking at week steps give more precise estimate of daily weight gain/loss for each calves
Why after 4 months week, it is 3 week steps
1)The management, environment and nutrition of the heifer does not differ
2) The heifer susceptibility to calf diseases is reduced as they are not naive
3) There is not much mortality/morbidity if the calf survive until heifer

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