Growth curve and average daily gain in diseased animal

Me and wilma tried to look at the two phase growth function used by Koenen and Groen, 1996.

What we noticed about this curve is
1) It is constant, except if we change the range of a1,a2, b1,b2, km

        BW            t
46.6 7
49.8 14
53.2 21
56.8 28
60.6 35
64.6 42
68.7 49
73.1 56
77.6 63
82.3 70
87.2 77
92.3 84
97.5 91
102.9 98
108.5 105
114.2 112
120.0 119
126.0 126
132.0 133
138.2 140
144.4 147

This is the body weight of the average a1,a2,b1,b2.  It is based on extreme low and extreme high values from the heifers.  We will try and use riskpert (which I need to understand why), and take the range values and use it. What is really the meaning of asymptotic. I need a statistician to tell me! Hmmm.. Jan? Hans?

Riskpert difference with Risknormal?
What is the advantage of using risk pert?

Anyway, what I am suppose to do is I have to incorporate the average weight gain based on Virtala, 1996 (or anyone else) who mentioned the average daily gain in diseased and healthy calf.  I have to find if someone cite it, someone did the same thing as she was, someone actually doing it using mathematical formula for growth loss.  That would be cool thing to find. 

Next step is to make the programming language for the weight gain and weight loss based on states of the calf.

Later I have to incorporate the states with it, especially state 11 and 12 (scours and pneumonia).  If the calf in those states there will be the loss.

USing risktruncated, I made up my mind using this number.  Under 500 simulations, the average is 46.9 kg.  The minimum weight is 37kg and max is 58 kg. 

a1; 290,309,320








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