when LOSING is not the word

I have heard.

My friends lose someone whom they care.  They are of course neither me nor I am not them.  Yet, the feeling of losing someone you care and love is too much to bear.

Hurt, guilt and anger rushed in at the same time.  You are suddenly lonely although there’s a lot of people around.  You are crying even you are on top of the world.  You are not focusing for whats best in your life.  Clock stops ticking.  Life seemed ending.  You are small and tiny; packed in a closet.  You can’t breath and you can’t move.  You just want to stay there, hoping people just won’t give a damn about you.

Yep, its not easy to struggle back.  When losing someone you love so much, you will appreciate life as you move on.  But its never to late to start new though you once felt its hopeless to look for one.  When you have tried to love so much and it dissapear, you are scared for the next step.  You are scared to love even more.  Its better not to sacrifice and being selfish is easier.  So its normal to feel sad and broken.  But life must go on.

I’m praying that Allah gives us the strenght to carry on.  I’m writing to let my friend know that we know how it felt.  And remembering the feeling now, makes me love my life more than ever.

Life is full of surprises; but LOSING is just not the word…


4 thoughts on “when LOSING is not the word

  1. Been there and felt that before. Life is too short to be wasted. I’m sure the feeling will not just fade away as simple as that. Speaking from experience, it will remain in your heart as long as you love them. It’s damn true, life must go on. But don’t you ever hope the feeling of lost will vanish. You will feel it every second you have until your last breath. Life can be great if you want it to be great. But, catching up with ages, we need to be prepared to loose someone that we love so much. Don’t know when, don’t know where, death is something that is for sure. For sure, there’s something that we can do, pray a lot and recite Qur’an more (i am reminding myself when i wrote this). Till then wassalam

  2. Rememberence of the loss will never goes away, but it shouldn’t affect what you have now.. And it’s life, although its unfair. I’m scared for whats coming next, but I have to be brave and you have to do that as well. Brave enough to love yourself and someone else too while they are still here. I agree we can make life great as we want it. And make it great with what we have now, its not much but losing it next makes you have to make it as perfect as you can. Then there will be no regrets.

  3. I gave this piece of advice to her on 10th Nov 2009;

    “losing a live person is most horrible one that come close to this, that hurts even a lot.. he stays alive, he shows u his fb, he’s with another person and he keeps coming back. So girl, he’s gone. But he’s not with someone else. He loves you, and you loves him too. BUt Allah probably have other plans for u. YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT although its tough”

  4. Another advice from her friend

    when we loss someone..

    first,we are so in denial bcoz the loss is unthinkable, we cant imagine it is true..

    we bcome angry with anyone, with survivor, angry with ourself, we blame ourself..

    then we bargain, we offer anything we have, we offer our soul in exchange for more time, time to be together..

    when the bargain has failed, the anger is hard to maintain, we fall into despair, depression..

    until finaly we had to accept that we had done everything and anything happen had been divinely outlined for the best..

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