A day before 22nd Dec 2009

I’m all alone in Msc room, waiting for Fros (the receptionist) to allow me the administrator status for the Pcs in the Msc room.  It’s quite a slow start for me today.  The sunshine did bring up the good mood, and the movie I watched last night “ketika cinta bertasbih” is still in my head.  I fell in love with the movie…

The snow fall heavily last night.  I found out this morning that it is more colder, cars were slower than usual and the bus I took from Bilthoven was stuck for a moment before it can move.  I’m scared to cycle because the cycle path was full with snow and it was more slippery.  I just don’t want to injured myself and my precious laptop; especially my laptop, thats my life and all my work is in there.

I’m still in daydreaming of what to do.  I wanted the model to run tomorrow, but things had been quite difficult as the deadline approaches.  I lost between doing the model, fixing the model and writing.  It seems that I just can’t focus in my work.  I finished my introduction months ago but when I read it back, it is a disastrous! ;(

Before I could start working, I had glance to every piece of notes in the file, opening my laptop, talked to Paul Dobblar and Fros and later thought of writing a blog to release this agony and stress.  I do wanted things to be better.  I wanted it to be better.

Ya Allah, I pray for more peace in my head, less agony and less stress, more focus with a neat, good model.  SHow me Your guidance.  I did everything I can, and I will not retreat until I accomplish this. Ameen.


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