Pizza Recipe

The recipe

The dough
250g flour
1/4 cups of milk
1/4 cups of warm water
7g dry yeast
1 spoonful crisco shortening


  • Mix flour, crisco, dried yeast, sugar and milk in a bowl
  • knead everything in a bowl with warm water (40 degrees celcius) for 2 minutes by using machine
  • rise the dough in an oven, covered with cling film (40 degrees celcius) and leave to rise for 6 hours
  • After the dough had risen, make it into flat, round shape.

The toppings
1 small can of tomato puree mix with sambal oelek
1/4 spoon olive oil
cheese as much as you like
salami cuts into pieces
Holland onions

  • smear olive oil onto pizza and leave it for 15 minutes to rest
  • spread tomato puree + sambal oelek thinly onto pizza
  • sprinkle cheese
  • arrange pineapple and salami cuts onto pizza
  • add onions on top

~Remember; less is more!

  • Oven was set at 180 degrees celcius.  Cook pizza until the cheese looks golden and crispy


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