The Best Photos taken in 2009 by My EOS 450d

The Best photo taken by Me  in 2009

Photo taken at Volendam.  Love the real potrait of Nur ‘Ainul Mardhiyyah

Photo taken at Bilthoven.  It was for Hari Raya Photoshoot.  I love the friendly character in Nur ‘Ainul Mardhiyyah.

Photo taken at Utrecht University. It was smart, elegence and full of model potential in her.

Photo taken at Bilthoven.  Love the smile.

Photo taken at De Bilt.  Family potrait with cows grazing at the back.  Extraordinary and peacefull view.

Photo taken at Bilthoven.  The Hari Raya photoshoot.  Us in true blue and greenish scene at the back.  Really portrayed a happy family.

Photo taken at Bilthoven.  MasyaAllah, the scene is very beautiful.


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