~Alhamdulillah : I’m officialy starting my PhD at Utrecht Universiteit~


I’m excited, happy and very delighted.  The long journey of fighting for the PhD scholarship came to the end with my Master graduation, next week (23rd February, 2010).   All those sad days, mad days, sleepless night and hard work pays off on that ceremony.

When I decided to work as a tutor, I never knew that was the starting point of a very difficult journey in my life.  It was a devastation to be separated from my husband and my daughter when I came here.  It was 6 months in hell but I struggled to bring them here.

They came, and I started to apply for PhD scholarship since last year in June.  I’m not a bright student but with all the help I get from my tutor, I managed to get my proposal out, and that made my supervisor accepted me as his PhD student.  The formal letter for PhD position was out in August, 2010.

For the next 6 months, I did the courses and of course trying my very best to work on my research with my tutor.  The research didn’t stop for a long holiday and I’ve been working on Sundays and with long hours too.  There’s a lot of literature, interviews and finally model building needed to be done.  The writings for introduction and materials and methods were done almost 20 times, and I was very lucky to have a tutor who gave a full attention at my work although sometimes it made me hate my work.

I sent the PhD scholarship application to ministry of higher education, and making sure I have all the support from Utrecht University in September, 2010.  In November, 2010 the result came out. I didn’t make it.  I made the announcement to everyone including my supervisor.  But the dean in my Vet school said, this can’t be happening.

They tried again.  I’m back to my model, and on Christmas day, the model results came out.  I presented the results at Nantes, France in January, 2010.  The next 2 weeks; I wrote the results and discussion, although it was a very short period of time to write, everyone in my class managed to have their papers out.

The second application didn’t make through with the ministry.  I felt like giving up, but again they tried with the university itself.  I couldn’t believe how far they brought up this matter.  And finally, I made it! They have accepted my application for PhD scholarship in Veterinary economics.

I received the scholarship letter for my PhD study at Utrecht Universiteit from Universiti Putra Malaysia yesterday.

It will start on 1st March 2010. 😉





5 thoughts on “~Alhamdulillah : I’m officialy starting my PhD at Utrecht Universiteit~

  1. hah; Thanks. Tapi lagi besar tanggungjawab nk habiskan PhD ni plak.
    McNa; Lama agi kut.. dlm 3-4 thn agi. Aku ingt nk balik jap bulan 3 nih, sbb nk setelkan surat scholar tu pastu nak kelik kg jupo family. Ado nk buak kenduri. Pahtu ingt nk reunion sek2 kito, mesti suko dih…

  2. so proud of you, girl…
    kalu jadi balik bule 3 nie sila warwarkan ekk… rindu bangat mau jumpe kamu! (masih terkilan sbb tak berkesempatan jumpe mu masa memula nak gi dulu, dan masa mu nak fly balik masa amik ain ngan due)..

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