I’m happy that everything went well just as what I planned.  Although it was a very difficult during the last part, but I managed to do it.  As I was doing all the paperwork, I was also thinking about my Phd plans.  I have to go back to Malaysia because of the documentation procedures as well as to clear things up with UPM.
What I wanted to do in Mac, April and May is to try publishing my work.
1. Fix the model
2. Write the disadvantages and difficulties in modeling it
3. Meeting with Henk and Monique
4. Remodel and rewrite my paper
I will have to think about my future work, either optimizing it, doing it at Malaysia or making some collaboration with Denmark.  I would like to see the different cost from each diseases.  What happens with different percentage. 
Fixing the model will be difficult and I have to write a report of how I calculated all those things. 
I have to say what expected result I wanted and the difficulties of doing it.

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