You know you are doing Phd when…

  1. When cycling for more than 30 minutes seemed nothing sebab duk khayal pasal keje
  2. When I started having double, blurry vision
  3. When I started to drink coffee at 9am in the morning pahtu minum agi tengahari pahtu minum agi waktu petang
  4. When I feel like 24 hours is not enoug.. nak gak 48 jam sehari
  5. When I have sleepless night sebab gila bayang dengan keje
  6. When I kept dreaming about my work and able to solve it plak tu.
  7. When I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and started working immediately. Macam kena kejar dek hantu!
  8. When I started sleeping with my laptop instead of my hubby.. adoiii
  9. When I felt like sleeping at the department instead of going home
  10. When I started to have panic attack, nak pengsan, nak demam dan panas baran
  11. When I have a list to do paper tapi tak ikut2 pon

Adoiii adoi… inilah.. sebab tu cepat dapat Phd (Permanent head damage) bak kata ahli2 PhD lain.


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