Quote of the day

Ya Allah. Untuk setiap kegembiraan pasti akan hadir pula kesukaran dan setiap kesusahan pasti akan membawa kebahagiaan. Maka Ya Allah, berikan aku sejuta kekuatan untuk menempuhi segalanya dengan lebih baik.

As I’m googling around looking for something to read, I realize how powerful a blog is.  But the most important thing is, I’m thankful to write a story about myself, my life, my passion. 

Why did I say that?

Who knows if I’m going to die tomorrow.  If that happens then I’m have to leave my daughter and my husband.  But then there is something I left for my precious to enjoy for the rest of their lives.  My Blog. It’s the strenght to carry on no matter what happens.  It’s the life we have to cherish as long as we live.  It’s history that I write about what it was used to be and its the memory of being happy.

When I read Yasmin’s Ahmad’s blog, I can feel the aura of her although she’s gone (Alfatihah).  She wrote her last entry 3 days before she collapsed.  It was a sudden incident that I hope do not happen to me, but if it does I’m leaving this piece of note to my hubby and daughter saying that I truly, deeply and insanely loves both of you. 

You are the greatest gift Allah has ever gave. Both of you made myself a complete women, and made me satisfy by just being a nobody.    You are the one who made me a better person and appreciate my own mom even more.  When you remember me as once a part of your life, remember I’m jovial in heart, maestro in mind, and remember that you are always my baby. Always…

HUg mama.. kiss mama..




2 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. i do agree kak cheq…leave them with a sweetest memory ever…
    always be my baby..its rmnd me to shrulhlmi…coz he want me to be his “baby” forever n aver..but, in real,he leave me…

    • Husna, I hope you can keep him in your heart as a memory how good love felt. But do not compare him to someone you’ll be marrying. They both are different, but they loves you so much. ANd its your job to love back, by being who you are; his baby.

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