Kerja di Hari Raya.. 10 reason why being a perantau on Hari Raya sucks!

If you are perantau at Dubai, Mecca or Egypt; you’ll be lucky.  If not, being in Europe makes it harder to celebrate this one special day. Here’s why:

  1. You are expected to work even on Hari Raya.  Well same goes to our firefighter, our policeman, JPJs and bus driver.. also for me!  I’m supposed to meet those deadlines, those never ending writing, fixing models and barely realize the Ramadhan month will leave soon. I’m even at the office a day before and probably a day after 1st Syawal.
  2. You have no feeling for 1st Syawal day. It’s more for tears day. I miss mom, I miss dad, miss here and there.  I can’t share the joy and happiness, the feeling of being in jam on our way back home.. .
  3. You are jealous with other people baju kurungs, kuih raya and ketupat.  I didn’t realize how great it was wearing baju kurung on 1st Syawal, eating ketupat & rendang with family.  Here? It’s cold, windy and raining.  i have 2 baju kurung, but where to go with it? And where to eat the ketupat & rendang? I guess we’ll probably have pannenkoeken as breakfast on 1st Syawal instead.
  4. You don’t know who to visit. You are lucky if you are in UK.  But being in Holland means, less Malaysian and apparently few people that host open house..owh don’t forget the embassy.  Me? I’m not a housewife, so don’t expect me to cook!
  5. You can’t do Aidilfitri last minute shopping.  It’s all summer clothes (less kain here and there)..
  6. You miss going for terawih and having moreh.  Gosh, when I was small, girls have to do dishes after moreh… I miss that moment.
  7. You miss having sahur n iftar with mom and dad. Thats for sure! Owh I will always remember how it was always so difficult for me to wake up for sahur, and mom kept yelling and never stop doing that.. Even now, my husband woke me up!
  8. You’ll miss the family picture on 1st Syawal.  I will not be in that picture for another 3 years.. perghhh.. hard to believe!
  9. You don’t know if you’ll be able to make it to another Ramadhan … Owh.. pray that we’ll meet again! I’m hoping mom and dad will stay fit and healthy so that we can have another Ramadhan together…
  10. Because I’m perantau!

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