Happy 29th Birthday to ME!! ~ 20-10-2010

After all this years, I’ve been waiting for this date! It looks way so much better than 10-10-2010 right?

Anyway, I’m in the new office (not really my office) in Wageningen. To Che Dah; I’m using Henk’s desk today.. Heheh..

There’s not enough space to add another person in such a short notice, so I’ll be in the printing room, doing my work. How do I feel? Well its great to be here.  People are a lot when comparing to Farm animal health dept in Utrecht. And somehow,being in a new place makes everyone wanted to know you and kept introducing themselves to you and welcoming you in the warmest way.

Oo.. back to the topic..

Let see.. I’m 29, a wife and a mother. I’m a Malaysian government employee paid by UPM to further my study at Utrecht Uni.  I’m also AIO mederwerkeer (PhD worker) at wageningen uni doing my model etc bla bla, and I’m almost reaching the first end: Submitting a paper to Journal of Dairy Science.   It took me way too long, approximately 2 years to reach this; and it was all paid off with 1 master in hand.. All I want now is to finish this study as smooth and as soon as possible! I’ve been to a few places; London,Liverpool, Machester, Disneyland Paris, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Koln, The Netherlands, Singapore. Hmm lots more to do in the future huh; Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, Turkey.. bla bla..

I wrote on my birthday in 2005 that I wanted to do all those stuff I mentioned above.  But I didn’t think about whats next?. What is the future plan?.

Well, the truth is, I wanted to have another child (maybe more than 1). I do, but it might not be in this few coming years. I wanted to have a big, beautiful decent home. I wanted to be by my parents side and took care of them. And I wanted to excell in my job. The last part is.. too.. hmmm.. mm… (thats when I delete that).

For now, all I want is to have a good health, long years to live happily and have my family with me. No matter what, we will always be together!

May Allah bless us.


p/s; guess what I got for my birthday?

Oooo man wheres  that picture?? Hummphh.. Guess I’m telling you guys next time.


8 thoughts on “Happy 29th Birthday to ME!! ~ 20-10-2010

  1. hepi besday kak yani!!!! semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki… amin…
    best owh besday tarikh camni..sekali seumur hidup kan…
    sama ngan tarikh pengisytiharan melaka maju la… =D

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