Using Endnote Web, Endnote or both?

I was asked to start using Endnote to manage my references. It was always tough to learn new things. But it was always a headache when I have to cite many references and started to lose count of the numbers. At the end of any writing, the headache becomes obvious when you are stumbled with an author who published many paper on the same year, and you cited all of it. As for me, making sure that all of the references are manually formatted as perfect as possible, is totally a nightmare!

I heard about Endnote since 2 years ago, but started to use it since 2 weeks ago. I started by opening an account with Endnote web, and filled it with all the references I used.

EndNote Web® is a Web-based reference organizer and writing solution, fully integrated with ISI Web of Knowledge®. ISI Web of Knowledge users have free access to EndNote Web, making exploring research literature and writing papers easier and more seamless.

–> You read it right. If your library is using ISI web of knowledge as the main database, then you can have a free Endnote web account.

When I started to use it, it took some time figuring how it works, but I can say it is relatively easy.

I installed the endnote web plug in to my laptop and pc too.

Then I installed the endnote both in the office pc and my laptop at home.

The fun part of making the endnote web as the centre of managing the references is the ability of it to import and export the citations, to and from the endnote. The other advantage of the end note web is, you don’t have to bring your laptop anywhere. You can cite straight away from end note web (using endnote plug in), and you can also save/import these citations to your endnote (in the pc and laptops). How cool is that?

So, I asked myself. Do I want to use endnote web or endnote? Or both?

It was a hassle to do the reference importing and exporting. So, I’ll stick with the endnote web. Why? First, internet connection is always good and fast, so accessing the webpage won’t be a problem. Second, If I ever travel to somewhere without my laptop (where internet is available), I’m sure to have these references when I need it.  Third, I’ll just stick to one account than 2 pcs. Its far more manageable.

I tried citing using Endnote web just now.

Really happy about it.

p/s: I’m not paid for writing this ok!


5 thoughts on “Using Endnote Web, Endnote or both?

  1. Faza baru attend kursus pasal nak guna endnote ni bulan lepas.. sgt membantu kan? pening nak taip sebijik2 noktah la, koma la, kalau secara manual.. leh terbalik bijik mata dibuatnya..hehehhe

    tp endnote UPM skrg tak langgan lagik..skrg depa suh guna Refwork.. leh surf thru UPM library far sng gak guna benda nih..

  2. I’ve tried endnote when writing a journal paper last year. It was easy-peasy, my SV just showed me how to cite and export to word and my work looked more organize than before. Haven’t used endnote web but would like to try one day. Teringat zaman buat final year project dulu, part taip reference je dah berjam2. Hahaha. Nasib baik sekarang ade endnote.

  3. Faza: Tulah.. UPM tak guna ISI web of knowledge tuh. Kat sini, semua org diajar guna ISI tu dlu, lepas tuh SV ajar guna end note plak. Nanti harap2 5 thn lg UPM dah guna ;).

    Farina: Tu aaa, seb baik ada endnote nih… End note web sama je, cuma kalau org yg kerja kat umah ngan opis mcm kak yani, mmg nak letak semua di alam maya.. kalau nak bawak laptop ke hulu-ke hilir, berattt… Tak larat nak kayuh beskal..Skrg, semua data letak kat windows live, semua kerja letak kat windows live, semua reference letak kat endnote web. Takyah ada hard drive ke, thumbdrive ke..

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