The other life: Yes, I am a Veterinarian!

My  childhood ambition was definitely not to become a vet. This life was merely an unwilling path that I chose when I was asked to fill the university entrance form. I was told that being an engineer for a lady was tough, because it was always a male job. While choosing to do something with IT means no job when I graduate because it was predicted that by the time I graduated, the supply would be higher than the demand. So, I chose to tick veterinarian while not knowing what kind of life that would be.

After I graduated, I got married and chose to do animal health economics because I wanted to have a normal life. What kind of normal life? Well a job from 8am to 5pm and didn’t require me to handle emergency calls. This normal life had enable me to focus on my family and is just perfect!

But today, I was reminded how good it used to be when I was a vet student and a practicing vet. Indeed, life sucks when there’s exam, rota and practicals. But despite all of that, we enjoy each and every minute of it. Everyone have to do many things but everyone share that moment and be in that moment. Since we have the same classmates from year 1 to year 5, we tend to know everyone from top to bottom. It’s like a family, yes a second family. The family that is there when you are happy, sad and scared. This family nurtured me to become who I am. And I miss them a lot..

I did practiced at Langkawi for 6 months before I got married. It was like in a hell living in an island not for vacation. But what I love about that job is the satisfaction when being able to treat a patient successfully. I was known to be a hero when I managed to save a dog. Clients respected you when treat a dog, even you are a muslim. Yes, its true. What I also enjoy about being at Langkawi is to be able to know the clients not just when they are at the clinic, but also outside the clinic (At their restaurant, boutique etc). So we were quite close.

So, you might wonder what struck me out of the blue today?

I was tagged with this picture

This was my first wildlife practical at zoo Taiping. I was in the first year and others were my seniors.

I lost many pictures when I formatted my desktop. So I will only share pictures that I have from my friendster account.

Our surgery suit!

With Faith and Miza..

With ekin, my ma and abah on our graduation day. The day we have Dr in front of our names!

If you ask me, at any point did I regret being a veterinarian? My answer is no. I learn to love the job along the way. I would surely suggest my daughter to become a vet too.

For those who wants to be a vet, do it! People might look twice to you when you say what you did, but never take it to your heart. You will know how great a vet is even from the first year, when you have to learn the anatomy of cats, dogs, cows and poultry!


One thought on “The other life: Yes, I am a Veterinarian!

  1. salam,
    nak tanya.
    Puan Riani =), amik course vet after married? AT what age do you married? BEing a veterinarian is my first dream job actually but now stuck in industrial chemistry (^_^)

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