Great feeling is unusual, but when its there; CELEBRATE!

I knew I will submit my paper yesterday. Final work that I did was making sure that all references were written correctly. I will write some problems that occur with endnotes and how I solved it. For now, after finishing the most crucial part, I think I wanted to relax a bit and slows the pace. Also, I would like everyone to pray that everything is ok with this paper, and the reviewers will only ask for some minor correction. Even if it is a major one, please pray that it is only adding some parts in the paper and nothing to do with the model anymore. So, you see how difficult a Phd life could be. But now, I feel happy about it. I feel good that I made it.

Another thing is, my short story about typical dutch was published in the Resource magazine. The magazine is for students and workers at wageningen university. I was excited when I saw it today (apart from the grammar mistakes). I didn’t know it was accepted, so I have to ask for the fifty euros reward and also the dutch candy!!

Owh, I almost forgot, the farm animal health department at Utrecht Uni sent me thirty five euros voucher. I received it last week, but I was so busy with work that I totally forgot about it. It was given for all PhD students at the end of the year in conjunction with christmas celebration. Hahahh.. thats another reason to go for shopping this weekend. Wallaweiii..

So it’s a triple great feeling!

Although life is hard, the weather sucks and work is piling up; celebrate the great feeling you have. Appreciate it because it’s not common, you know.

p/s: The sum of paper+50+35=priceless.


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