10 Things that I love. Here is why.

1. My Batavus bike.

I do find living without a car is tough especially when we desperately need one. But, for daily use I prefer a bike. My office is just 10minutes away by cycling. Its even faster to get there compared to using the bus. When I bought this bike, which is the same price as a motorbike in Malaysia, I was living in Bilthoven. To travel to Utrecht uni, I have to cycle for 30-45 minutes (7km), or in other word 14km a day. Hence I need a good bike.

Batavus is the A+ brand when it comes to bike, also Gazelle (just to name another brand). I personally think so after having it for almost a year now. The frame was tough, that when I fall 2 weeks ago, there’s only scratch at the handle and nothing was broken. I never have a flat tyre with it, that’s for sure. Other features that makes it so expensive is definitely the state of the art gear and logic light.

2. My EOS450d camera

I never buy a digital camera when I was a student, but I did own a video camera when I was in 4th year. When I got married, we bought RM700 10 megapixel Olympus camera. After I came to The Netherlands, I figure a good camera might be a valuable thing I should have. So, on a very fine afternoon, I bought EOS450d at mediamarkt Utrecht.

The result: I LOVE the pictures taken from it!!! All the precious moment become more meaningful with a clear picture. A superb choice indeed.

3. My electric breastfeeding pump

This one is a very sentimental thing I still have. I actually have 2 electric breastfeeding pumps and 1 manual pump. I think I left one electric pump at Malaysia, and brought 1 electric and manual pump here. Why did I love it?

It helped me to breastfeed my daughter for 9 months EXCLUSIVELY.

What happened after the ninth month? I flew to The Netherlands. That makes this thing a sentimental thing I possessed.

4. My Elizabeth Arden Sunflower perfume (strictly at home)

I used Elizabeth Arden Sunflower since I’m 19. The first bottle was given to me as a present from my aunt in senawang. After I finish that bottle, I bought another bottle when I went to UK. That was when I was 23. Imagine how long I’ve waited to buy the second bottle just because I didn’t have enough money. At that time, it cost me 8 pound for a small bottle.

What makes this old fashioned perfume is the love of my life is the fact that my husband love it too. He was used to this smell when we dated. But now, pakai kat rumah je. Tak boleh wangi2 depan orang lain.

5. My Apple ipod vs my walkman

My first walkman was a gift from my sister when I was in form 4. She was studying at Surrey, UK that time. Though I only got 6A, she still gave me the walkman anyway. I lost it after I finish high school. What made that walkman so special was at that time, everyone in the hostel have it. We used to share the song lyrics during our prep and before sleeping. I remember to hold the walkman so tight when I fell of the stairs.

Then, I bought another walkman after I entered matriculation. That walkman broke after it fell from the public phone. I didn’t buy any walkman after that, as I got TV during my years at UPM.

Finally, I rewarded myself for passing the epidemiology exam with apple ipod. This was also the reward for being able to cycle 14km a day from home to office.

6. My Nike purse and Gucci handbag

I bought my Nike purse when I first dated my husband. At that time, I still consider him as my friend. Never that I imagine him to propose after 2 weeks I bought the purse. So, this purse always reminded me that good old days, when I finally chose him. Remarkably, I’m still using it after almost 5 years having it.

The Gucci handbag was bought to reward myself after finishing my Msc. I went to Bijenkorf after passing my statistic exam, and just bought it on the spot. What a day!

This things also reminded me how poor I was at school. I didn’t have school bag, I only recalled to have a school bag when I was in form 1, and used it for 3/4 years. Then I didn’t have any school bag and used my friend’s (Haslyn) bag, a friend of mine at hostel. When I was in form 5, I used to stack my books between text books, just to look macho without any bag when in fact I didn’t have any bag. In the end, I bought a bag when I entered matriculation and almost every semester during my vet school years.

7. My first Nike shoe

Again, this shoe was a reward for successfully entering 3rd year vet school. This was one of my sport shoes collection that I always have since my first year in vet school. I’m not sure why I always buy new shoes every semester, but I knew that it was hard for me to have a pair  of shoe when I was at school.

This was especially when I was in form 4. Though my pallas jazz shoe should be thrown away because there was a big hole on top, I sewed it. I remember I had to sew it very tightly and put a lot of kapur kasut just to hid it.  Then I save some money, enough to buy a new pair of pallas jazz when I was in form 5.

8. My wedding ring and the gold bracelet (s)

You probably know why I love my wedding ring.

My first gold bracelet was a gift from my mother and eldest sister when I was in 3rd year vet school. I love it and I still have it with me. Then, I had my second gold bracelet as present after I gave birth to my daughter. Later I got another one from my husband as present for Masc graduation.

9. My non stick pan and grill pan

I never knew how to cook until I was 23 years old. But that never failed me to learn from my mom. It made our relationship stronger. After I came to The Netherlands, I learn to cook far more better because I have to rely on myself. To do that, I need to have good equipment and utensils.

There are only 2 things I love in my kitchen, my non stick pans and my grill pan. Obviously both made my cooking faster. I bought it here in The Netherlands when there was big sale in Blokker. Both grill pan and Tefal non stick pan was sold as eur10 each.

10. My bread maker

This one is absolutely one of my favorite. I thought bread maker is just for making bread. After I bought it, the bread maker definitely save my time in preparing not just pizza dough but also bun dough. And everything is definitely simpler and tastier.

p/s: Just reward yourself at every success on every step of the way.


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