Congratulations, Fatimah… ;)

I saw her post in FB

which I absolutely agree. Many people think that when you follow your husband/ wife to further their study means that you will lose your own sanity. I find it rather wrong, and just recently realize there are plenty of opportunities you can find if you are here. It’s just that you have to know where and how.For example, like what Fatimah did, she applied for Msc and successfully been accepted for September, 2011 intake.

Well to apply for that, of course, a good bachelor result is a must. Then, Msc program that you like or suitable with your background. Get IELTS exam and pass with at least 6.0. Finally, money or finance.

Before Fatimah tried to apply for Msc course, they thought that financing will be difficult. But, after being accepted, they talked with the dean and found out that they will only have to pay the fees that is according to EU citizen. That is around Eur1,700 per year and is absolutely cheap if you compare with non-EU fees (Eur10,000/year). But of course, this is only applies to people who have spouse, who is currently doing full time PhD in Wageningen university.

So, if you think following your husband’s/ wife’s dream means you should abandon yours too..  re-think about it.

Fatimah can! What say you?

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS FATIMAH.. You deserve such opportunity!

p/s: Ni takdak kaitan ngan suh study kat Holland ek.. Hanya nak share info bahawa peluang semacam ini ada.




2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Fatimah… ;)

  1. “So, if you think following your husband’s/ wife’s dream means you should abandon yours too.. re-think about it.”

    Setuju. Rezeki & ketentuan Allah tak siapa yang tahu. Kena sentiasa berdoa & yakin denganNya. Ni nasihat Dr. Siti Suri. : )

    • Ya Ayu, Allah dah bagi yang sehabis elok untuk kita. Tapi dlm masa yg sama kita juga yang memilih untuk semuanya. Sebab tu kena usaha baru tawakkal. Due pun penah bagitau Kak yani mcm nasihat Dr Siti Suri tu… Sebab tu dia ikut dtg sini.. Yang penting suami isteri harus bersetuju atas semua keputsan 😉

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