Finally, after feeling sooo damn tired for the whole week, I finally get back to my own two feet. Today, I feel tremendously so healthy and decided to start working at home. Though I did tried working since two days ago, I kept saying how cold it was, how tired I was and above all, I slept a lot.

When I came back from Leipzig, I was too tired with two late nights and the six hours journey on train. Then, I started to cook for a friend visiting from Malaysia. They had their sleep over at my house for one night and on Sunday, I went to Amsterdam with them. To tell you the truth, Amsterdam was definitely felt sooooo far from Wageningen. I slept on the train all way there, and thank god ‘Ain and hubby didn’t join me. My hubby decided not to follow and instead went to a picnic with other friends at Wageningen on the very same day. Credit to Naim and Huda for the pictures..

The next day, I had flu symptom and felt extremely tired. I slept for almost the whole day.

On Tuesday, I was still not my own self. I did cooking but thank god Khalilah did some cooking as well since she is staying with us for few weeks.

On Wednesday and Thursday I’ve decided to just rest and chill out.

Finally, I’m all awake today thanks to Naim who eventually came to our house last night. He was saying positive things and made me feels so much better!

Alhamdulillah, Allah gave me the strength I need to carry on and continue this journey. Next week, I truly believe I’ll do much better, Insyaallah.

This week my hartelijk gefeliciteerd (Congratulations) goes to

1. Dr Gayathri Thevi:

Although I was not able to be there due to my health, I’m glad that she did well during her defense. To made it this far requires a lot of strength and motivation, and she showed it all the way from the very beginning till the end. This had inspired me to also successfully achieve my final goal (PhD and 5 papers published in Journals) within 4 years.


Osteosarcoma is a bone tumour that most commonly occurs in medium-sized and large canine breeds. It is an extremely malignant growth that usually metastasizes to other organs within a year. Despite the improved likelihood of survival due to standard treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the average prognosis for dogs with an osteosarcoma is poor. Doctoral Candidate Gayathri Thevi Selvarajah has studied methods for predicting these negative prognoses. When certain substances are present in the tumour, the prognosis is seldom positive. Osteosarcoma is a good model for the same tumour in humans, so the results of her research may also be useful in combatting the disease in humans. In her search for substances that may provide an indication of the progression of the disease, Selvarajah conducted biomolecular research on osteosarcomas. She then tested these substances on bone tumour cell strains. The same substances were also found in dogs suffering from the disease, and in some cases even in humans. Selvarajah then discovered that certain aspects of the disease progressed in the same manner in both canines and humans. Some of the substances she studied, such as the proteins HSP60 and decorin, have been proven to result in a more rapid progression of the disease and can therefore be used to predict the prognosis in canines and occasionally in humans. New therapies geared specifically towards these proteins may therefore offer better perspectives for canines and humans suffering from bone tumours.

Congratulations Dr Gaya. You made us proud!!! And welcome back home (Malaysia).

2. Syahar Amir and Rohaizad Binti Adan:

It will never be too late to congratulate (Alhamdulillah) my best friend, Syahar Amir and wife (Ijad) for their newborn: I’m not sure his/her name yet. But I’m sure as soon as they settled everything regarding confinement and parenthood issues, they will let us know.

To be able to have your own child is really a great blessing from Allah. Though there are many other difficulties in life, this one particular ‘present’ will make you endured it all with hope,  joy and happiness. Their innocent smile will make you a one better person over and over again. They can make you insane in the first year (sleepless night most of it) but at the same time, they will also make you a better couple; passionate, tolerant, kind-hearted and changed you in many good positive ways you yourself will hardly ever notice.

So, congratulations again! And may this new chapter brings more happiness and joy in your life!

update 3/4/2011: Baby boy bin Syahar Amir dinamakan Shafiq Aqil Khalif seberat 2.67kg.

p/s: Back to work laa…

Owh ada lagi.. The best picture on that picnic day goes to:


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