“Are you kidding?”

The May potluck was planned 3 days prior to the day (May 15th). That was considered as quick, efficient and less waiting time stress as compared to our previous potluck. This time I told everyone to make a simple, yet delicious food and as ‘ikhlas’ as they can. Turned out everyone did their best in not just cooking but impressed others with their ability to produce something in just a couple of days.

A day before the potluck (14th May), I decided to do a photo shoot of my daughter wearing Malay traditional clothes, baju kelawar. So I cycled to a pond near our house just to take my daughter’s pictures. It was a very nice afternoon and the weather was also perfect.  As expected, she did not stay at one place and ran all the time. So shooting her was always a quick one and need a lot of patience. Even though I know taking my daughter’s pictures were always difficult, strangely I found it enjoyable. Perhaps you know why when you see the two best pictures on that day;

I like this photo because she looks absolutely graceful.

When you see this, you will also wants to smile and laugh and just want to be happy.

In the evening, we went to Bornsesteeg sports centre, Wageningen university to watch the football match organized by Muslim students at Wageningen. They have divided the team based on player’s nationality. Apparently we didn’t have enough players so we imported few people from Afrika. Hence the team was called Harimau waka waka. I actually did not really believe my husband will also be a part of that football team. When he told me that he is going to play football, I was not sure how to react, disbelieve or rather found it funny. He never play football since we got married, and this opportunity somewhat gave us another experience (of looking for football shoe). I made a promise to the team, if they won the match then there will be nasi kerabu, daging bakar, ayam percik and pulut kuning on the table. Although they didn’t make it during the semi final, I was proud of their teamwork. Everyone was great and we had totally enjoyed themselves (as players and the as the cheerleaders). I enjoyed the game so much as this was the first ever opportunity of me using my new Tamron AF70-300mm lens. Even the lens was cheap, I was very happy with the wonderful pictures it can shot (or must I say I’m a good photographer~ amboi riaknye).

Did you notice my hubby new Nike football shoe?

One of our striker, fas.

The best picture of the day: Ashraf, our striker.

Credit to Fatimah for this picture: hubby in action!

Even though no nasi kerabu to be served on potluck day (since we lost in football match), our potluck turned out to be a very enjoyable one and is another getaway from the loss. Turned out Fas and Mamat were moving to their new apartment on the same day. They called and said they will come, but with another two international guests (Dutch and Peru) who helped them moving. Since we have always had a lot of food on the table, another few guests won’t do any harm. Besides, the more the merrier. Although we have some western food like Wild ricola salad, mushroom soup and spaghetti Bolognese, they preferred to try our Malaysian food. Interestingly, the Dutch guy ate really spicy food and so he poured a lot of daging masak lemak gravy on his plate (making us worried if he can manage that) but later we found out he enjoyed it.

OMG.. a lot of free, delicious food..!

I’m happy my hubby enjoyed the occasion too…

Hubby and Ashraf with their plates

As we sat on the floor talking, and making fun of each other, my husband was busy cleaning up the dirty plates on the table. Then he went to the kitchen. He meant to do some dishes. The Dutch guy stood up and walked to the kitchen and said,  “Can I do the dishes?.”

Then Fas came and said, “You don’t need to the dishes. The host will do it. You are the guest, so just sit down.”

He looked totally surprised and said, “Are you kidding? You are making jokes on me, right?.”

Then Fas explained to him,  “In our culture, the host will take care of everything like cleaning the dishes, preparing the food and entertained the guests. You, my friend as the guest just have to eat and enjoy yourself.”

So you see how culture differs between east and west. I like the fact that guest can help the host to clean the dishes and the house before going home. Because sometimes the host will feel tired from organizing the events and during the preparation of the food. After hosting the potluck for few times, I’m lucky to have all my Malaysian guests as being very helpful in terms of preparing great Malaysian food (thumbs up), cleaning the kitchen, the dishes and arranging the house. That is why it never bothers me to repeatedly becoming the host.

P/s: Ringan tulang kata orang!

The happy hosts on the very left with the great, cooperative and cool guests!


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