Status: I’m currently is having RSI (Repetitive strain injury).

I’m currently more or less a handicapped person who is only using the left hand to do almost everything. I had my first RSI since my Msc back in 2009, and it always came back since then whenever I’m having an extra workload.

I’m not going to tell you how it can happen and have a lengthy advise on how to prevent it, because I am not able to do it, so google it up and find the extra information of RSI on the net. There’s a lot of useful stuff out there that you can read to prevent this.

My take home message, please stop using computer every 1 hour or get some software that lets you know when to take a break. Then take some time off the mouse. Go away from the PC and do something else or exercise a bit. Sit properly when working, elbow near the chest and practice using mouse with both hands. It is better to take care of your precious hand now because you will need them for the entire career and life.

p/s: Is training voice recognition software in office 2007 to prevent me using keyboard in the future when writing my paper. It sounds noisy isn’t it, but how cool is that!


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