Another 2 1/2 years to go!

Yes, another 2 1/2 years, officially. My scholar ends in 2013. However, I’m suppose to grad at 2014, to be precise. I’m glad that everything went well. Sometimes I do feel tensions and I just wanted to cry and leave the office, but I still stay. No matter what, I’ll be continuing this journey, well of course, unless if I die.

I started to feel the coldness of autumn, however I love the time. Perfect to get enough sleep and work more and harder than in summer. I learn that I will soon finish my second chapter analysis. Its still not at the end but data editing was done. Only final things to be done and that include checking if merging was done correctly. Alhamdulillah. Next week, another meeting with at statistician in Utrecht to discuss about what I did. Next week I will start the writing course. So its a perfect timing of finishing the analysis. I did some of the writing while waiting for the dataset, and with Wilma’s help (as usual), I manage to write introduction, materials and methods and result.

September, 2011 marks the time my first arrival in Utrecht, The Netherlands. So I have been living in The Netherlands for 3 years. Wow, how time flies! My Msc degree was obtained last spring, and I hope at the same season and atmosphere in 2014, I will obtain my PhD. InshaAllah. So, another 2 1/2 years to go, another 3 chapters to be done. I hope to achieve 3 accepted papers by 2013, because with 3 accepted papers, I can officially graduate. Also, hopefully I can publish all the work by 2014!

That says how much I need things to be work out for me. My husband has been a great friend, companion and father for these years, and hopefully he will stay the same until the end of this journey. For those who bring their spouse with you, you should be glad he is there. No matter how hard things turn out, you can always come back to his arms. 😉

p/s; Praise to Allah. Alhamdulillah.


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