Congratulations Dr Chai Date Inchaisri, DVM MSc PhD

I met Chai Date 2 years before, during my Msc years. It was an informal meeting at the department. He was a sweet, soft spoken guy who likes to smile. We went to Nantes, together with many other people from business economics group (BEC), Wageningen in 2010, just before my MSc graduation.

He did a long way in achieving his PhD, he even did his second Msc during PhD just because he needs to learn about animal health economics. He is currently a lecturer who teach animal health economics at Chulalongkorn university.

Chai Date did his PhD with a title of  “Bio-economic modelling to support insemination decisions in dairy cows” . He had published 4 papers, and the fifth (which he worked with Albert De Vries), was accepted last week.

It was a great evening at his defense. Not many Thai people attended it ,but later I found out it was because most of his Thai friends helped him at the kitchen preparing the food for the dinner. During the defense, I got many useful tips about the defense questions. Most of the questions were about the application of his work. The first question was what is he going to do with his expertise now in Thailand. The second question was regarding the application of his outputs and what if people change the inputs. Finally from De Vries, the question about the modelling. He asked why Chai Date used Monte Carlo and why did he chose 100,000 simulations in his model. I looked at Wilma at an instance, and Henk saw us chatting about it.  I said to Wilma, you also got the same question last time. So its true, I can really spot the question for my future Viva (Inshaallah). The answer  Chai Date gave was its because  Monte Carlo model could take the complicated biological aspects in reproduction, which was difficult to do if we used dynamic programming. Also, I remembered last time Wilma and Monique mentioned it was because by using Monte Carlo simulation, we can observe variation in the output rather than simply saying what farmers need to do in order to achieve optimal results. Another question he got was how did he knew if the simulation number was enough? Hmmm I also got the similar problem of knowing how many simulation was needed. But in the end I know, if the output results were stable if I run it many times, then it was considered as stable. Chai Date mentioned if the output result did not regressed by 1.5% from each other. De Vries also mentioned that he should look at SE.. Hahahah now I need to figure it how. Another thing was, I saw Chai Date used my number in his model (its in chapter 5 of his thesis). So he was the second person who actually used the number I’ve calculated. How awesome right??

Later on, I went to the dinner and found it was an interesting one to attend. Mostly it was because Chai Dates’s defense involved people that I also worked with in the past.  For example, Chai Date himself, Henk, Ruud, Jans and Pudsa!.  Both Chai date and I shared the same field and will do the similar thing n the future, as a lecturer in animal health economics. So both of us agree that in the future we will collaborate more especially with regards to students curriculum. The second one was because there were so many who will work with me in the future. Henk told De Vries about the similar work I will do for my final work of the thesis. I might use De Vries expertise (and most probably his model). So we might meet again to really discuss about it. So there we go, the art of socializing. I also met with a profesor who will visit dr goh soon. They were talking about improving the curriculum in my faculty, and saw this opportunity. Henk said, might be interesting to include animal health economics which I also think is an awesome idea. So who knows.

I went back thinking how great it was by just being there. Most importantly, Chai Date has inspired me to do well in what I do now. This was because, as everyone in the party said, we both are super specialist!

So, congratulations Dr Chai date Inchaisri and wife (Donna). I hope you will do well in your future undertakings!!

p/s; Another motivation. Inshaallah will do my best!


2 responses to “Congratulations Dr Chai Date Inchaisri, DVM MSc PhD

  • chai

    Hi Yani,
    Thank you for writing to congratulate me here. I found it by coincidence. Hope, you won’t mind, if I will share it on my Facebook. Thank you again.

    • Riani&Ridzuan

      Hi Chai date!! Hehehe I usually congratulate people on my blog just to remind and inspire myself about this. I’m glad you like it. That is fine to share it on your fb ;P. Once again, congratulations for your PhD!

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