Hartelijke gefeliciteerd Dr Mohd Nazli Mohd Nor

Another person graduating for a PhD this year is no other than my own brother, Nazli. He managed to do his PhD in Australia for 2 1/2 years, including submitting his thesis.

I do hope we all do not compare the length of doing PhD, as different countries have different way of evaluating the process. Other than that, the type of studies (social/sciences), availability of data,  supportive supervisor do have an influence as well. Nevertheless, he managed to do it in such a short time, that was an achievement to be proud off.

He started his PhD journey at Perth, Western Australia accompanied with his wife and 2 sons. Last year, they have a new member of the family, a daughter known as Dalia.

His study was based from Malaysian dataset and was further taken to School of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Faculty of Business and Law Edith Cowan University, Perth, where he was supervised by Professor Malcolm Smith. The study title was “AUDITOR STRESS: ANTECEDENTS AND RELATIONSHIPS TO AUDIT QUALITY”. This study was the thing that is close to his heart since he was an auditor himself, in 1990’s (I think). He used to work for long hours, and experienced all of the stress himself.

His research objectives was to assesses the extent to which job stress and job performance are associated with key stressors and Research on Reduced Audit Quality Practice (RAQP) among auditors in Malaysia.

His findings was;

” all stressors, except for considerate leadership and budget emphasis, significantly affect auditors’ job outcomes. Specifically, three of the stressors, namely, role conflict, behavioural pattern and budget attainability have a direct association with RAQP, while role ambiguity affects RAQP indirectly through job stress and job performance. Results also revealed that workload, role ambiguity, role conflict and structure leadership were significantly associated with job stress, as expected. However, job performance was only affected by role ambiguity. The results generally support the proposition that job stress and job performance serve as important mediators in the relationship between stressors and RAQP.”

Credits to his friend for this picture; Before graduation at  Edith Cowan University, Perth

Finally, congratulations to him and his family. Though not the first to be a doctor (because I’m the first one to receive Dr and looking forward for double Dr), he finally managed to put an addition of such title into our family history. I guess my parents are the ones who really proud right now.

p/s; I’m motivated to do this once again. But where to find the passion??


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