Thinking of baby no 2

For this dragon year, if I cant be productive with my 2nd or 3rd paper, I just might as well plan for second baby!

The year is 2013. I think perfect time to deliver is summer. As that time everyone is on holiday.

Other reason, I think because ain is 4/5 yrs old, she is off the diapers, milk and goes to school 5 days a week.

Also, our house is 5 minutes walk from the office, so if I can’t cycle to the office, I still can go there. The location is ideal for me to breast feed and manage the house. Since hubby agree not to study/ work, I figure just let him takes care of the baby right now because in malaysia both of us will be very busy.

Actually planning for a baby is unexpectedly making me organized and thoughtful of the next step. I’m excited to do this again, maybe better, either way being older does made me more calmer.

Anyway it’s been so long I’m not pregnant, the second one is expected to be tougher as i will be more sensitive to hormones. I’m not as healthy like in 20s and not as fit too. That made me scared. In any ways, to date mirena iud now causing headaches and mood swing, so I’m thinking to remove it. I guess implanon works the best for me, but again people react to this thing differently.

I got my confession out. Now thinking what’s the withdrawal symptoms after removing iud, the best time to become pregnant and how to go through the months in pregnancy…

I wish my husband can do the first 3 months ;p

Pray for me that everything works well, both the phd and baby!


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