Minor revision tips and tricks

Minor revision can be changing some words, grammatical error etc which may have nothing to do with the research. What happened was, I had a long list of things to change, I’ve revised the paper but turns out the line number is not the same anymore. So I struggle to know which were the things the editor wanted me to change!!

Because of that I will let you know the best way to work on it.

When you have to change the words, the line number will CHANGE!! So be prepared with this tedious work by;

1. Having both not edited and edited paper opened at the same time during editing. Or better, print the non edited first then highlighted the ones that you need to edit.

2. As you are editing, please remember to use track changes or better, just use new comment tab and write the instructions in the comment as you move along the paper. Delete the comment as you confirmed that changes has been made when rechecking

3. If you want to be precise where the changes were made, make sure you have either highlighted it, or better you write down the new line number at the revision note. That way you will documented or track the exact changes easily when you are checking it.

4. This may not take time if you do it systematically!.

p/s; To remind me, next time not to spend so much time doing same thing!


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