Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah!! Sujud syukur ya Allah!!

Opening the e-mail today really really made my day!!


Estimating the costs of rearing young dairy cattle in the Netherlands using a simulation model that accounts for uncertainty related to diseases Preventive Veterinary Medicine

 Dear Dr Mohd Nor,

 I am pleased to tell you that your submission has been transferred to the Production department. Proofs will be sent to you in due course.

 With kind regards,

 D. Jones

Administrative Support Agent [24-Feb-11] Preventive Veterinary Medicine


This manuscript is now acceptable for publication. Thank you for attending to the requested revisions.


Ya Allah, this is the greatest gift ever. Never in my entire life that I felt such a relief . For those who think doing it is impossible, please re-think about it. You can do it, no matter how long, no matter how hard, you will manage. I’m thanking my supervisors, whom without them I’m not be able to beat all the reviewers!

So, basically I’m done with 1st chapter, 2nd to be submitted in 2 weeks, 3rd to look forward to in this coming months and 4 and 5 to finish up and complete my thesis.


p/s: I am so happy that this news came at the right time, when I really need to give some positive news to my Dean and VC of UPM next week.




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