WBC congress, 2012; Lisboa, Portugal.

I haven’t got any chance to really discover Lisbon. I did yesterday but that wasn’t enough. Reason was because this city is very big, and things seemed to be up hill and at very steep, narrow road which made it difficult for us with a small child on a stroller. We end up at only few places, one of it was santa Justa lift, where you can see the view of this city from the top. It was a long queue, unfortunately so I think we reserve that for maybe thursday??

Apart from that, this congress was great. But it was a big congress, I mean veterinarians (large and small ruminants) and producers, managers came to this congress. I think there was maybe around 3000 people here. There were 8 conference rooms, one of it can fit around 400 people and today (Tuesday) morning the room was full. Imagine how big this thing was.

On Monday, my sv gave his presentation before me about the costs of production diseases. I think this kind of work was foreign for us vets, so you can imagine the curiosity that vets had about it. So there were many people came into the conference rooms, and minutes before the presentation started, the room was full. So I kind of nervous because my presentation will be after him. My sv loved the crowd. So, for him it was great to see so many people wanted to listen to his keynote speech.

Later on I had a chance to do my first oral presentation in a big conference. It was scary, but with a help from all of my sv, and changes they told me to do a week before, I guess the presentation was a success.I received quite a lot of compliments for that today, reason was because they said the message was clear. My sv also said it was great indeed and he too received a lot of compliments for that.

In the end, I guess it was worth it trying to prepare the presentation and convey the take home message effectively. Key to do it was not overdo it. Like making pizza, less is more ;p


Finally, the pictures during the presentation is out!!


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