Too early to tell. Too happy to keep to myself

I’m not saying I’m pregnant. However, I do feel like one now. It is not like the false alarm I had for few previous months, instead I’m well spirited although a bit tired. Amazing how pregnancy made you.

Since few months back, I’ve been tracking my menstrual days through a pregnancy apps. That was all I did. I did not want to stress myself with charting temperature and so on, and I did not want to become pregnant too soon after I remove the IUD. This was because my body seemed to be pretty stressed and I succumbed to more emotional feeling post-IUD. I was also looking at time to give birth and I took the chance to wait because I wanted a spring child.

I also used ovulation test to really determine the lh surge, which is the most accurate method of predicting ovulation though I know it is expensive. However, after charting the menstrual days, I come to one conclusion that I somehow knew when I will be ovulating and I put to the test on determining the lh surge on these days. It did not come to any positive result for lh surge.

Finally, last 2 weeks, I got a very strong positive lh surge and I knew immediately that ovulation will occur in the next 8 to 36 hours. I guess the plan worked out and I finally is waiting for my menstrual period which did not arrive as expected.

On the day I should have my menstrual period, I think it might be early than it should be so I use early response pregnancy test. I have a bad cough and couldn’t sleep. So I need to know if I’m pregnant because the medicine can be harmful to the embryo. Immediately there was no positive sign but after 10 minutes, I have a faint positive sign. So, the delay blindsided me and I took paracetamol and codein before 10 mnutes time. I hope nothing bad happen. Insha Allah.

The next day, I use a normal kruidvat test and found out a fvery faint postive sign again immediately. Therefore, I concluded that I have to stop taking medication and taking rest is what I need most.

Few days in pregnancy made my skin better (as I expected because when I have Implanon and IUD, my skin was without any acne) and my hair was more oily and healthy. I knew before vomiting and nauseas episode I will have more appetite than usual. I took advantage of that now by cooking many things that I wanted to cook but did not have time/too sick to do.

Despite being more tired, I am more focused and energized most probably because I’m eating better now. Also, I took longer naps in the afternoon at home as my house is nearer and went to the office again afterwards. This strategies are used last time as well, hopefully I can do my work and still enjoying this pregnancy.

Alhamdulillah. Insha Allah, baby on the way on 14th March 2013.



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