Home birth in the Netherlands

I remember, during 1990s, homebirth was quite common in Malaysia. My mother, for example gave birth to my youngest brother at home. But she was taken to the hospital for further checkup. Home birth in Malaysia since then was not encouraged in Malaysia. One of the reason is the risks home birth posed towards the safety of the baby and the mother.

However, home birth in contrast is one of the choices a mother can make to deliver her baby in the Netherlands. I think, for us in Malaysia our support system were not organized properly. I did not have a comfortable child birth in the hospital and the delivery can be quite a traumatic experience.

Based on these videos, it had occured to me that each and every to-be-mom should ask for their rights to have not only a safe delivery but also a comfortable one too!! Do not simply say, you should go to private hospital to have a comfortable delivery. Not everyone are privileged to do that.





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