Alhamdulillah.. Good news for my second paper!!

Remember my second paper that I’ve submitted before summer holiday?? It is back with super duper good news!! I’m excited and happy and all the worries that I have yesterday (yes you read this correct, I have a bad monday blues and need to watch korean movies full house to relax) just vanished.

I’m super ecstatic!! ALhamdullillah!


Experts in the field have carefully reviewed your manuscript and, although they found merit in your study, they have raised a number of concerns that preclude acceptance in its present form.

I invite you, however, to respond to the reviewers’ comments, included at the bottom of this letter, and to revise your paper accordingly.

The best part is the comment from reviewer 2:

Reviewer: 2

Comments to the Author

excellent paper

–> my favourite!!! 😉 😉

p/s; Alhamdulillah, atleast a preliminary good news!! I hope this goes through!!


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