Preparation for the coming baby

Ever since I knew I’m pregnant, I’ve been carefully planning on baby items. Things that I couldn’t afford 5 years ago, alhamdullillah now I can buy and because I knew some of the preparation I need to do and the organization of it, I’m not that scared of what might be in the future.

I can finally admit that I am pregnant after 3 months of pregnancy to my supervisor, Wilma. Last Friday I broke the news to her and she was excited. I am determined to work until one day before I deliver my baby (as what I did in Malaysia). First reason was because my house i around 5 minutes to the office. Organizing and preparing for my fourth/fifth chapter will hopefully give me a kick start once I’m back. Second reason was because there is not time to waste anymore as I’m left with 1 year until my scholarship ends in March 2013 (I’m not sure the extension verdict yet) but I hope that UPM will approve it based on my performance and the fact that I’m currently working on my third paper and probably towards 4th one soon. I also can say that my first trimester is not that bad (like the last one) except I was sleeping a lot and my stomach couldn’t take too much spicy food. This time I have more headache than before and I guess that was because of the stress from analyzing the dataset (heheheh).. All in all, the first trimester was still tolerable and I’m lucky to still be able to go to the office and work.

Like any other parents and like my previous pregnancy I always juggle with thinking about the health of my baby. I do hope he/she will be a healthy one and I do hope with another baby on board, Ain will be much more happier. I pray that everything will be alright and that I will make it through 😉 InshaAllah..

Getting back to the items that I bought for my future baby who will be delivered in 6 months time (yeay!).. I have made up my mind again that I will fully breastfeed my baby as long as I can and as long as Allah shall permits. I still have my old spectra 3 pump which was still functioning   and hopefully can do the job again. However, I bought another breastpump, medela freestyle considering my not so tight budget and the features it has that spectra doesn’t have like portability and size. So, there goes Eur179 for the machine. Since I left all the bottles and other accessories at Malaysia, I have to start over from scratch for the accessories. Up until now I have around 42 small size avent bottles, in which 3o bottles that I got was a brand new second hand bottles and 10 bottles with different brands all bought during sale. That should help in keeping my milk stock. Since I’m not using medela bottles with medela pump, I’ve decided to buy the avent bottle adapter and I’ve found the second hand one for eur10. I also bought a new breastfeeding bra from Hema (which was on sale for eur8/pc) and some maternity wear like 3 H&M pants (Sale for Eur12/pc) and a breastfeeding blouse from Esprit (Sale for Eur24/pc). There goes my earliest buy for the baby (me).

The second big purchase I made was for cloth diaper. I think it is not for the immediate use and certainly not until I finish my PhD but I’m considering this option very keenly. The reason we (me and especially hubby) did not want to do it now because we can still afford the diapers here and when there is sale, we can save even more. The other reason was because since hubby will be the sole caregiver/house husband for both of our child especially when I’m busy with my thesis, having cloth diaper will be an inconvenience for him. The final reason was because the bathroom here sucks. If it is in Malaysia, definitely cloth diapering can be fun as we have wet bathroom/toilet where we can just wash the diapers on the floor. Also because the weather in Malaysia is hot, I think washing and drying it will not be such a fuss. Weather in Holland sucks too so there goes reasonably reasons that I think will make the option to change from disposable to cloth diapers hard. But I will buy some again for the future use and especially since we can claim from the city hall (yes you read this right). I’ve bought Bumgenius pocket diapers using the bonus/ wage increment money that I got considering the good review I’ve read and its value. It is not brand new but I can definitely say they look new because it was used for only 5 months. To fully use cloth diaper without causing an excessive wear and tear, I need around 50 diapers especially if I wanted to extend the use for the next child (you read this right too, another 3rd and probably 4th Ain)… I guess buying it once a month (like buying Ain’s clothes) is an option I have now and trying out other types of cloth diaper can give me the clear picture which system I will use/ hubby like.

Now that I have the most needed items, its time to think about other items. Since we have a kind of dry bathroom, we have to find a baby bathtub and I’ve found one at marktmolen (second hand market) today for an affordable price (Eur7.50 with a pail and some extension (not sure to dry it off or what). I also look for the second hand clothes and for just 50 euro cents, I can buy like new, neat size 56 baby clothes, hats and etc. I bought a lot of white clothes since I’m not sure the gender. Surely if she is a girl, I’m over the moon shopping for the girly baby clothes! I will not buy baby clothes anymore after this purchase and I will probably buy his/her clothes again after she is born because I guess at that time there will be another big second hand market (queens day). I will take that chance to get winter clothes etc for his/her first winter here..;)

What I still didn’t buy is baby crib and changing area/baby storage which I think I will buy maybe during third trimester at Ikea. I already have a second hand accessories to go with the crib which I also got from marktmolen today for only eur10. We also need to get the maxi cosi baby carrier and we will opt for a new one considering using it for next next child. After thinking about whether or not I will have a big strollers like quinny/stokke, I think I will not buy another stroller since we already have a brand new small maxi cosi Mila stroller (Ain use this once in a while last time) and quinny will be too bulky for the car bonet (in Malaysia). So I will put the money aside for the car seat instead. I know there are still accessories and stuff to buy for this new baby, but I will refrain myself to spending more than I should and start to think about my child savings and our own savings (for house, car etc in Malaysia).

I’m getting more excited each day to have a newborn but both of us knew we will have bigger responsibilities in the future not to mention lack of sleep (again). Because Ain is so much older than her baby sister/brother, I’m not sure how helpful she will be. Now days we have been telling her about the baby in my stomach (which is kind of not true, as it is in my uterus), and she responded very well. We showed videos about pregnancy/baby and I remember a pregnant baby doll given by my friend to her helped in visualizing (somehow) where the baby is. She also spoke to my belly and kiss the belly and I can’t wait for her to experience the baby kicking and laughing at it.. I hope she will love the new baby..;)





2 thoughts on “Preparation for the coming baby

  1. Kak Yani,

    This is just my experience on storing BM. I think in terms of saving spaces, you should opt for using plastic storage bags. Selalunye saya akan compress guna milk storage organizer ( murah je dlm $15 ), and lepas dah keras boleh susun elok2 dalam big plastic bag. Saya guna both bottles and plastic (sbb dah terbeli byk botol before bersalin) but prefers guna plastic lgi. Memangla senang kalo nk bagi baby minum terus kalo dari botol tapi kalau milk supply byk sgt, chest freezer pun boleh penuh :p lagi satu, tak tahu k.yani tau ke tak, botol kena buang after 6 mths pakai. Sini takla mahal sgt plastic milk bag tuh, x tau ah kat Netherlanda camne. Kat Mesia, saya ada baca someone guna plastic ice-cream tuh utk dstore, tapi x leh thaw dlm air panas lah sebab not bpa free. Good option kalo nk save duit lagi 🙂

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