London revisited after 7 years

Alhamdulillah. I have revisited London, 7 years after my first post in this blog about travelling from Manchester to London. I have to say that I am thankful to Allah for fullfilling my wishes. But I must admit that my writing skill was very poor at that time!! I was laughing when I read it back and couldn’t help myself to rewrite it, but that was me 7 years ago!! It reminded me how joyful I was, how playful I was and how adventurous I was by travelling alone to UK. I was still wondering why I wrote UK and not other places.

Since I have achieved all of it, its time to write another wishes. I wish that I will finish my PhD, working in Malaysia as a senior lecturer and trying to get an associate professor in 6 years time, continue publishing and have 2 more children. I also wish te become a better muslimah, a better wife and mum. With hubby, I wish we will always share our passion, love, friendship and future together. I was also thinking about having our own house, a place that we will live for the rest of our lives. For Ain and adik Ain, I wish they will become the better us, and enjoy their childhood like we did, for that when they grew up, there is nothing that they regret they didn’t do.

Once again, thank you Allah. I am grateful for everything!!

p/s; I have achieved all of my wishes in my first post except getting on the boats:) Funny..


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