Alhamdulillah, submitted my third paper: New year resolution anyone?


Alhamdulillah. Managed to submit my third article last night. I am happy to set this paper aside for a while to focus on my fourth objective.

This is a reason that I decided to get pregnant in the first place.


First of all, three accepted paper means I will be able to graduate based on requirement by UU. With one year and 2 months still left to graduate, I hope there is time for this paper to go somewhere. Being rejected once by JDS for my 1st paper and later on being accepted by JDS for my second paper within 6 weeks helps me to anticipate and to react accordingly. Above all, third paper simply means I have reach my first target and I can focus more on my family.

I have to count my blessings for what I called a smooth sail in the midst of uncertainty. I guess I am happy to have people supporting me all the way. Bosses in Malaysia who helped me to go through rough times, supervisors who knew how to work around me,  husband who gives me strength to carry on and friends who just made my day.

Next year, no matter what will happen with my paper, or if scholarship extension is not approved, or having a baby delay my progress; I will always count my blessings for having reached my target, for having a family and children on my own and for having a life.

p/s; new year simply means new target- Finishing my PhD within 1 year and 2 months.


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