Congratulations Dr Ching Thoo Kim

Another Malaysian defended his thesis! Congratulations! His defense went so smooth and he did a good job in defending and conveying important information to the opponents. In the end he got good for his thesis and defense.

What is interesting for me is how Malaysia can improve the water sector management? Now, it is only the state and the federal government who took care about it. Although we have city halls, it seemed they do not have any power over this matter, which if they do, could helped  a lot in improving the management (clean water and sewage). I was wondering why city hall exist then? Because here in the Netherlands, city hall is everything. They manage the water, the rubbish etc, they give money to school (budget) etc, you need to be registered here and then registered automatically to almost everywhere (immigration, hospitals, clinics, banks) and subsidized housing is also under city hall. Should we give more power to our city hall so that they can do more work and perhaps better job?. One example is identifying poor people in the village. If the penghulu can contact city hall and city hall can verify and contacted various organizations, then we do not need zakat or jabatan kebajikan masyarakat or even TV3 to go and find poor people by themselves. Then there is no need of showing off the minister face on tv saying we give money when there is flood, tanah runtuh etc. Malu kan??

Another thing is, why oo why JPA transfered Mr Ching from water sector to palm oil department after he finished his PhD??? It makes no sense at all. I think it is a waste of money and knowledge. He is obviously keen on improving the water sector  management and have the knowledge to do that. But now, there is no opportunity to do it.

Ok, back to his defense, I was indeed impressed with him, and hopefully I will do well too during my own defense. Actually, I like doing topics related to my own country, as it gives us more confident as our knowledge is more as compared to the European opponents. But I have to say, learning new things which is Dutch dairy farms also gives me the opportunity to compare what we have back home and here. New knowledge ok, so lets look at it in the good side.

Nevermind, whats done is done. I should be happy to juggle with my fourth model (iye ke?) rather than complaining. Its almost finish, the tougher the model building gets, the harder it is to sleep but hey, its PhD and discovering things not known is what we do. Erkkk enough with all the complaining, this post is about Dr Ching and not me. I am supposed to be happy for him;P



Once again, congratualations Dr Ching and thank you for the delicious Pakistan dinner. I (baby) enjoyed it so much!


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