Not so good progress

I am currently dying to go to the office. However, there is a lot of snow outside and I think its not wise to go to the office with this current situation.

On top of that, my belly is becoming larger and larger. For a petite, skinny women like me, reaching 50kg is already a pain. But I am happy that my weight is increasing a lot this week.

With this circumstances came a new problem. How to sleep comfortably every night?. In the first two trimesters, I was very happy when its bed time. I could sleep for hours and feel fresh in the morning ready to work. Now days, good sleep is really tough to come by. Its really frustrating, that you have to sleep again in the afternoon (which is also a chore) and still feel worst after waking up.

As a result, my work progress is not that good. I was missing deadlines, and couldn’t catch up at all because I couldn’t focus! In the end, I try to do things at my current pace hoping that my model building can be finish before I give birth.

How I miss the previous trimester!!

p/s; May Allah the almighty gave me the strength and motivation to carry on. Ameen…


2 thoughts on “Not so good progress

  1. Ya Allah Kak Yani… Exactly how I feel. Kecuali my bad nights & pains & sloww progress tu dah start 2 months ago. Stress tahap gaban!! Takpalah, apa kita boleh buat kan.. Moh le berdoa banyak2 semoga Allah mudahkan segalanya & tunjukkan jalan penyelesaian..

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