Time off from PhD: Is home birth worth to try?

My third paper was sadly, rejected.

Bukan rezeki saya.

The editor decided to reject it based on not so negative comments given by the reviewers. There is nothing in the reviewers comments that indicate my method is wrong and we were suprised on why the editor made that decision solely on reviewers comments. The upgrading of the paper is basically on re-defining and clarifying some things and adjusting or rephrasing the sentences. So, nothing to do with data analysis again which made me happy! (Dalam sedih ada jugak berita gembira)

Life goes on. What I have discussed with my supervisor yesterday was that we will submit it to another journal within this 2 weeks. My take this time for the news was far more better than I have expected, more positive and I took it as one of the ways to improve my scientific writing skills.

What I also felt was gladness that I received the news on my 34th week of pregnancy. (36 weeks pregnant ladies are not allowed to step into the office anymore-its the law here). Since a submitted paper requires a waiting period, I hope being off from PhD during my maternity leave with a submitted paper is efficient. Though my fourth objective seemed to fell apart (tak jalan-jalan), I hope being off from it to celebrate my family life for a while, gives me a higher motivation later on. You will be surprised how your child made you to do anything ;p and how limitation of time makes you work efficiently..

Now that I am focusing more on my pregnancy leave, a birth plan is something I have to think about.Why? Because here there ia another option that we did not have in Malaysia: a home birth. In the Netherlands, it is legal and received a huge amount of support especially if you are a low risk person. This is because Dutch people treat pregnancy as something which is natural and not a sickness. That is of course if you have no underlying illness. Well, I am one of them. Despite being skinny and small, I am healthy and my baby too alhamdulillah developed normally and within the average range. My placenta which was very low at 20 weeks had moved upwards and I am not at risk for placenta previa anymore. This means, I am clear to decide if a home birth is really what I want.

I’ve met with people who did it. They all agree its nice to do it at home. But what do you know about other things? Surely there must be things that could go wrong or unexpected things that happened. I gave birth once, and my pain threshold is not that good. So I am now researching about all sorts of things and stories written regarding home birth to overcome that fear. Apart from that, it is also nice talking about my fear, hope and expectations of the home birth delivery. It lets other people know about how you feel, and maybe gives more support which in the end can make you fell better. I do not have any stories to tell, yet. What I need now is confidence.

InshaAllah, planning with du’as and prayers to Allah will make this a smooth journey.


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