At 38 weeks, I am more energetic than ever. Probably because my baby has moved to a ‘better’ position, with his butt really sits in the middle of my belly. So I can sleep much better every night. Starting 2 days ago, I began to work. I can now think more creatively, a part of my brain that was severely ‘damaged’ after 36 weeks of pregnancy. Despite having to stop frequently to reduce the strain on my back, I am happy to work again ;P.

Most of the baby to do list, my to do list and the house/ family to do list have been completed or I can say almost complete. There are still things to do but not that urgent. I have rearranged our bedroom and the living room to accomodate our new baby. I bought the maternity care stuff such as jamu nona roguy, painkillers, laxative, manjakani and all the herbs needed. I took out my two breastfeeding machines and bottles. All were well organized within my reach and for hubby to find it easily.

The bags to the hospital were also taken care off. If I decided not to give birth at home, if my pregnancy goes over than 41 weeks and if the midwife think I am not fit to deliver at home, we will just took the bags to the hospital. I have decided to pack 3 bags, each for me, hubby and baby. I guess its easier to do it that way.

I have 28 types of dishes frozen. Most were packed in smaller packaging. I have made 3 bottles garam kunyit. Both the dishes and garam kunyit should last for more than 1 month. Atleast the first week is covered ;). I Still need to make garam halia for me, but garam kunyit will also do for my pantang if I cannot find time to make it.

Since I am more on the bed until recently, I finished reading a few important surah. I guess other than physical stuff, I need a boost of motivation and reading Al-quran did made me feel much better. Alhamdulillah.

p/s: Praying that everything will be alright, inshaAllah.


I am also proud to say, I am still cycling untill now. That is so typical Dutch!


towards 39 weeks

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