Who are we?

People have different needs and wants. Its not something that is new. Its embedded in business theory. In our career life, sometimes we want things to be simple. Others need to  make it grand. Some of us accept how other people behave. Others don’t, and simply asked too many questions; not sure for clarity or for mocking. As for me, I tried to be someone without emotion. Not because I am not being critical. But for me, to be brave in trying something new means we don’t put a criticism or objection before trying. Its interesting that I understand that in marketing; humans are actually emotional creature who think. 

There are many instances that I think I have gone overboard simply because I have become an ‘angry’ creature who thinks other people have been treating me badly. While in reality, they could be 70% or 50% liked me. In the end its about how we perceived things. If we start of thinking other people are nice, we will definitely treat them with respect. Perhaps with better attitude. That is why, students need to respect teachers, regardless if the this person do not know how to teach. In essence, people who knows more than us are teachers and needs to be respected. Well, if we don’t have any good things to say, its better to not saying anything at all.

Why am I debating about it? Well, at one point in our life we wonder who we have become. We are not the same person like we used to be because experience has changed us. We have become someone who understand the mechanics of working world and so we try to adapt to that. Along the way, we either make more friends and of course enemies.

It seemed I have forgotten the most important thing I want in life. The goal that I have written somewhere. This goal is the one that define who I was, am and will be. I wanted to do something good. Listening to many ideas about how to do things are good but trying to be someone who I am not, is another story. People thinks I should be a business minded person, apparently I am not because I am not a trained business person! For god sake!. I am not gifted on that but I have learned that these things can be learned. Not to become a business man but to teach people on theory behind it. Being a businessman is not who I am. In the end, I need businessman to share experience how to do things.

So what exactly I am good at? I am still searching for it.

In the mean time, I just need to do what I have to do. Being a good lecturer 😉





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