My answer is not that long, but hope it covers what your friend wants to know.  Tell her to try and never give up.  And contact me to ask any more question. I will try to answer if I know!

1. how are the official procedures if my friend want to bring her husband to Netherlands, and he have not any job or he doesn’t want to study here? Is it possible?

The university should apply for spouse MVV visa if he/she is Phd student.  In this case, because I am Msc student, Utrecht University said IND didn’t allow MVV application for my husband and my daughter through the university.  So I am the only one who manage to get the visa.  I knew someone who did all the application for herself and her family at the same time I struggled to get my family visa last year.  She applied in June and get the visa just before coming in October, and she is Msc student.  She said the procedure took her 3 months but she manage to come together with her family. So its not impossible to come together, provided that you apply the MVV visa early TOGETHER (not asking the university).

First, you have to contact all the important organizations (IND, embassy, university) to know best how to apply the MVV.  Doing it yourself would probably lead to a lot of work but you can come together, while if university can do it, its best they can do it (and faster) but its not guaranteed you can come together.  Always check with the university their confirmation or else do it yourself (sometimes they just dont want to do it).

My university in Malaysia where I worked provide funds for my family. It is written in a letter saying how much money I will get for my family. If you can have the letter saying that your family will be supported or how much wage you will receive during your study, please have all documented.  There is minimum money you need in order to come here but you need to ask IND.

There are few important paper work you need to have. But first, you need to have someone address in The Netherlands. All the letters will arrive there until you have your own address here. You do not need to rent a house for this purpose.  The first letter is a form/questionnaire you need to fill in.  You can ask your friend who receive it to just scan it and email it to you. IND doesn’t care.  The letter is in Dutch so I took sometime to translate it using Google translate.

The letter need to be responded in 2 weeks.  If you need more time, fax a letter to IND saying you need more time to reply the questionnaire.  They will reply to you back. The paper work lists is in the attachment.  The letter of explaination is simply a letter wrote by you and explained why you want to come, as well as to clarify how you want to support your family.

Legalisation only valid for 3 months.  You can make all the legalisation from the Indonesia ministry of foreign affairs first for needed documents (birth certificate and marriage certificate etc), later you have to legalize it at the netherlands embassy in Indonesia.  This legalisation procedure cost me a fortune (RM130 per legalisation at the netherlands embassy).  You also have to pay for MVV visa (Eur800++ per person) when you apply for the MVV visa.,legalisation_of_documents#a3

The difficult part in that paperwork is for the questionnaire by IND (No 3 in the list).  It is because you have to ask for University where you want to go to become the guarantor for you as you are here. But please contact IND to ask who else can become the guarantor.  My guarantor is the Utrecht University representative. He said the guarantor is someone who will pay the fees to get the people who’s coming if they do not have money to go back.  So you can imagine its difficult to insist someone to become your guarantor.  But I am not sure if my friend who came with her family have guarantor from The Netherlands because she did all the procedure while she was in Malaysia.

Just before you come, you can register with Makelaar (house agent) to find a house.  You have to be prepared with Makelaar fees.  They require you to pay their fees= 1 month rent+19% VAT, 1 month rent.  Another way to do it is by Kamernet. Since you are 2 people, registered with kamernet. Go for 2 person accomodation.  Advertise yourself as well in kamernet. Ask someone in The Netherland to look at the house for you and get the deal without landlord/makelaar. Thats how I found my house.  The house wont be available until a month before you come.  And choose a long term one, because its so difficult to get a house here. The address is needed for your resident permit application, city hall registration and many more legal things.  When you change address, always inform IND.

kamer net;

Before you come, both you and your husband need to buy insurance.  Ask the university to do it for you.  It cost you around Eur400++ per person per year.

2. what barriers or difficulties that you have faced and how you/your husband solved at that time?

I believe Utrecht University do not know much about the procedure.  They assume they can handle the visa application when in fact they can’t.  Sometimes IND have different procedures every year so its difficult to tell if your application succeed. But you have to contact IND (not the embassy), to explain your situation and the steps to take for applying MVV visa. I always call IND to ask about anything that you need to do. But sometimes they do not explain all and you back to square one!

I didn’t register my marriage because when I came here and applied the resident permit, no one ask me about my marriage certificate. It took some time before they call the university that I need to register my marriage. So, when you go to the city hall, register your marriage as well.  After you are registered here, you have to wait for Uitrekksel uit basis administratie. Its basically mariagge, birth registration at the city hall.

Finding a house is totally so difficult.  I found my room 2 weeks before I came to Holland.  I have to search in kamernt for months looking for the house, and need to do it quick before my family came.  So I can’t study, can’t eat or sleep thinking about the house.

3. what others preparation that you suggested to my friend, for making her plan going smoothly.


1. Contact IND

2. Contact embassy of Netherlands in your country

3. Contact university in The Netherlands

Ask what they can do.  Plan how to do it. If the IND said you cannot have the university apply it for both you and your husband, then contact The Netherlands embassy in Indonesia to apply the MVV.  But you need to have letter of university admission in the MVV application form. So you have to explain to the university, that IND said the application must be together. Explain to the netehrlands embassy in Indonesia as well.  University sometimes do not know anything, that goes for Dutch embassy in Malaysia, so you have to find the solution yourself. They always said they can do everything but in fact they cannot. In the end, call IND and ask.  Make sure, whatever way you apply the visa, you have to ask IND, can I come to The Netherlands with my family if I apply this way.

AND, Make sure you have sufficient fund. I almost broke when my family came to pay again for resident permit, insurance and house rent.  So make sure you are prepared for such thing.


I) A letter of explanation to IND

2) A letter is still breastfeed

3) A copy of questionnaire form from IND to be returned

4) Acopy of receipt for payment of MVV

5) A copy of daughter passport

·personal page

·signature page

·MVV page

6) A copy of wife birth certificate

·Original birth certificate

·Translated birth certificate

·2 pages of questionnaire for submission of foreign public documents

7) A copy husband passport

·Personal page

·Signature page

8) A copy of husband birth certificate

·Original birth certificate

·Translated birth certificate

·2 pages of questionnaire for submission of foreign public documents

9) A copy of Marriage certificate

·Original booklet of marriage certificate

·2 pages translated marriage certificate

·2 pages of questionnaire for submission of foreign public documents

10) A copy of daughter’s Passport

·Personal page

·Signature page

11) A copy of daughter’s birth certificate

·Original birth certificate

·Translated birth certificate

·2 pages of questionnaire for submission of foreign public documents

12) Scholarship and income letters

13) Statement of enrolment wife

14) A copy of AON insurance certificate for students dated 1st September, 200S

15) A copy of rental agreement for

·2 pages of landlord identification card

·Receipt for 2 months deposit of the house; Euro1200

·4 pages rental agreement in Dutch language

16) Uitreksel uit de Basis administratie;Marriage registration at the city hall

P/S; letter wrote to an Indonesian friend regarding coming to The Netherlands with her family.