After 1 1/2 year and 3 years to go…..

I finished my model, and I am happy about it.  Although there’s a few things to think for Phd, I determined to do my best.

I talked to Henk about my Phd;
1) He said there’s room for imporvement in writing.  He told me why he gave the grades and explain that Monique didn’t understand what I write and partly she said the result is not ok I guess.
2) Monique would like to involve in this project because she had been doing it last time.  Of course I am happy to hear that.
3) Henk told me that I need to improve my writing and I guess I should take writing class to improve my skills.
4) I guess I need to learn to be critical, concise and exact for what ever I did. 
5) He is happy with my hardwork and gave 8.5 for it.  I think the same pattern of work must go on and he believed that my model is the best.  That was a relief to hear.

I asked him about my presentation and he said think about the audience.  So I guess there’s a lot of veterinarians and animal science people that always talks about diseases so I have to convince them that I had done well in making sure all the informations are ok, correct and presented the result well just to make sure they believe me.  Ruud always ask how I calculated the numbers, Ploeger talks more about disease comparison and delighted to see the work.  I sould put that in the sensitivity analysis.  Nutritionist dont care so much.  I as veterinarians wants a tool to use when talking to farmers.  Students should take this approach easily and as a researcher, this enlight us to another research. 


Accepted for Phd

I received an e-mail from Dr Paling about my Phd work next year with Henk.  Although I am positive about the work, I am still in doubt with my modern methods of data analysis.

I plan to
1. Revise statistic next month
2. Meet Cas and start to ask questions about the exam
3. Study with waldus and ask scott to teach us and make clear about the book

as for my research
1.  I wanted to do good work, finish it up this month. I wanted to email the person who wrote about parasite infections in The Netherlands too.
2. I wanted to write good intro and materials and methods this 2 months
3. Read 3 papers, 2 books every week and write every day about my findings.